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Some of our members have submitted pictures of their wheels for the members gallery..... click any thumbnail for a bigger picture.

If you want to submit yours on here you must first become a member (free) by following this link, and then you can submit your picture by email to webmaster (at) cbrfirebladers.co.uk. The email is not formatted as a hyperlink so I avoid all the inevitable spam emails!

Nic's (old) Tiger - 1994 RR-R

Nic's (new) silver 2002 RR2

Wolf's blade by the seaside - 2001 (RR1) 929

Pod's millennium blade - 2000/1 929

Boyzee's 1996 RR-T 918

Matty's 1995 RRS 893cc urban tiger

Sean O'Connor's Millenium blade

N2OCapri's 1995 RRS

Thunderchild's 1996 RRV5

Budge's 1993 RRP

Dale's 1998 RRW

CBRzip's 1999 RRX

Martin's 2007 1000RR

Kilo Fox's 2006 RR-06

Markmsa's 1998 RRW

Korbon2003's 1998 RRW

CBRkid's RRN

TeeJay (Fireblade)'s RR5

Lessaints lovely SSA Tiger

Drew's Millenium RRY

Ricard's 1993 RRP

Nibbler's 2000 RRY

thebladeissharpe's SSSA RRX

Pete Markey's 1996 RRT

mrsrym's 1992 RRN

Stox's 1994 Urban Tiger

Bladerunner07's Repsol RR07

cbrbobby's 2003 RR3

Bassjase's 1997 RRV

Merlin's 2007 RR7

Red Devil's 929 RR1

Rich118613's 1998 RRW

Blade08's gorgeous new RR8

Ash1000rr's unique blade

Bladester's fabulous RR7 HRC

Rapid7lolly's 1993 RRP

Marco's 2001 RR1

Mick's 2000 RRY

John's RRX

Steve666's 1999 RRX

Blade080508's new blade

Evoblade's (well...) Evo!

The 1997 RRV 'Moz' blade

Rockdarbs' lovely RRN

Stu's 1998 SSSW

The unique Jayblade

Smiffo's Repsol replica

Bryan's RR5 Repsol

cbrkid2009's 1998 RRW

Blankscreen2222's 1999 RRX

Ed728i's daijiro kato rep RR5

RRichard's lovely RRT



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