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The Original 1992 & 1993 RR-N Fireblades

- CBR900RR FireBlade debuts.
- Aggressive Super Sports-styled bodywork highlighted by tiger-stripe pattern paint job.
- All-new 893cm3 inline-4 engine features one-piece crankcase/ cylinder and slipper pistons for big power from a compact and lightweight configuration.
- New 38mm slant-type CV carburettors.
- Lightweight and rigid twin-spar aluminium frame designed for optimised mass centralisation.
- Quick-handling 45mm hybrid cartridge-type front fork with lightweight forged bottom cases.
- Lightweight ‘Yagura’-style aluminium swingarm with CIVSIII remote reservoir damper.
- Responsive 4-piston calliper brakes with 296mm floating rotors.

The 1994 RR-P & 1995 RR-S Fireblades

- New front cowl with new dual multi-reflector headlights behind one-piece flush-surface lens.
- New aluminium finish silencer.
- New lighter weight magnesium head cover.
- New fully adjustable cartridge-type front fork.

-Available as the Urban Tiger paintscheme

The 1996 RR-T & 1997 RR-V Fireblades

- Newly designed main fairing and front fender feature thinner and lighter construction.
- Engine displacement boosted to 918.5cm3 for a stronger rush of power and a wider, more useful band of torque.
- New map-type computerised ignition system.
- New stainless steel exhaust system with aluminium canister-style silencer.
- New triple-box-section twin-spar aluminium frame.
- New, more robust Yagura swingarm.

The 1998 RR-W & 1999 RR-X Fireblades

- New, wider-looking front cowl improves air management and reduces air resistance.
- Newly improved engine realises stronger power and torque output.
- New tapered box-section aluminium swingarm optimises balance of rigidity for lighter handling.
- New front brake callipers and larger 310mm floating rotors offer easier control and greater resistance to fade.
- New fully electronic instrument panel.
- New HISS (Honda Ignition Security System) theft-deterring immobiliser.

The 2000 RR-Y & 2001 RR-01 'Millenium' Fireblades

- New, more compact and sharply angled fairing design with 3-bulb headlight.
- All-new engine delivers stronger power and torque for more aggressive performance.
- New PGM-FI fuel-injection system with bypass starter for quicker and easier starts.
- New titanium exhaust system features H-TEV (Honda Titanium Exhaust Valve) for enhanced high-speed performance.
- German-spec model features new HECS3 low-emissions system.
- New, lighter and more rigid aluminium twin-spar frame.
- New 43mm inverted front fork.
- New 17" triple-spoke front wheel mounts new wide-carcass tyre.
- New HISS (Honda Ignition Security System) anti-theft immobiliser.
-(2001 largely same as 2000 Fireblade but with fully sorted PGM-FI)

The 2002 RR-02 & 2003 RR-03 Fireblades

- New, more aggressively designed bodywork.
- New, larger-displacement 954cm3 fuel-injected engine.
- Larger yet lighter new ‘Works’ type hybrid aluminium swingarm

The 2004 RR-04 & 2005 RR-05 Fireblades

- All-New CBR1000RR debuts.
- New 998cm3 engine featuring two-stage Dual Sequential Fuel Injection System (PGM-DSFI) for top performance both on the road and on the track.
- New die-cast aluminium frame and chassis based on Honda’s RC211V MotoGP champion to achieve World Superbike challenging levels of performance.
- New Unit-Pro-Link rear suspension system.
- New inverted 43mm HMAS cartridge-type front forks and radial-mount front brake callipers.

The 2006 Fireblade RR-06

Infused with new technological feedback from the MotoGP and World Superbike racing circuits, the new 2006 CBR1000RR Fireblade features a sharper, more aggressive look to emphasise its new, more aggressive performance.

With weight trimmed from both its engine and chassis, its stronger power-to-weight ratio and smoother throttle response result in hotter acceleration and sharper slices through the corners for an even more breath-taking riding experience.

Featuring Dual Sequential Fuel Injection, an organically designed hollow-section Gravity Die-Cast aluminium composite frame, Unit Pro-Link rear suspension and the revolutionary Honda Electronic Steering Damper for unruffled handling ease on the ragged edge of performance, the Fireblade leads the way in precision riding control and unrivalled exhilaration on every road you travel.

The 2007 Fireblade - surely the nicest looking blade ever?

However, now we are in 2008 the story continues with the 'love it or hate it' blade ..... (click to see the new model)


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