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This year saw our first organised rideout into Europe.

We are just back (early July) from this amazing bikers paradise of a holiday. What an absolute blast!

We went together as an organised group of 16 club members from the UK (in fact once there we split into two groups due to numbers involved) with Wheeltrax who are specialist in this sort of event. Many of us met at the Ashford Travelodge on the Sunday evening in readiness to meet the more local folks at the channel tunnel (Wolf doesn't do boats!) for a planned 6.00am departure on the Monday morning.

Once in France there was an early morning mist, but that soon burned away due to the ferocity of the sun and we then had incredibly hot weather for the remainder of the trip. In fact now back Fingolfin got it right when he said he would not attempt to wash his sweat-laden clothing but would give it a 'Viking burial' over a fire in his back garden! It was too hot really and any time we were not into silly speed mode made it unbearable in leathers and helmet. Still, better than rain anyway?

We blasted up the French motorway system and met George from Wheeltrax at an arranged spot, and then George led us through France, the Netherlands, and Germany (over the Rhine) to our hotel based in the beautiful Westerwald region roughly 50 miles south east of Cologne. The hotel was everything we could hope for with nice rooms, a great beer garden, a wellness centre, and staff who liked bikers! We even had our own garages for the bikes overnight.

Tuesday to Thursday we spent thrashing along fabulous country roads, down very steep spiral descents, powering up almost vertical climbs, and through some of the best twisty sections on the face of the planet! Absolutely made for bikers, and with the added benefit of a very liberally minded police force who tended to look the other way providing you were riding safely and respected the speed limits in the villages. Why can't UK police take a similar view?


Lunches were taken at hotels or cafes along the route, and gave us an opportunity to meet up with the other 8 club members until it was time for the afternoon session. None of us had done so much intensive riding (all day for 3 solid days) but I know we would all go back tomorrow and do it again.

On the Thursday evening we rode for an hour to get to the famous Nurburgring; what an experience! I cannot begin to explain the thrill of riding there, the dangers, the weather changes, or the huge buzz when you came in realising you had completed every sportsbike riders dream. You had to be there but let me assure you although its not for the faint hearted its something everyone should experience. We took 16 club members there and brought 16 back which is the main aim, but everyone had a huge grin on the ride back.

Unfortunately it was time to return home all too soon. On behalf of the club we would like to say a huge thank you to Kev and George of Wheeltrax who made the event such a brilliant experience. Their attention to every detail, the planning of the routes, and the fettling of our bikes (thanks Kev) all made it a memorable experience. Even George's regular U-turns became something to look forward to! Cheers guys, you are the best and we will definitely be back in 2010!

So, with a lot of regret it was time for home and the ride to Calais. A word of mention here for Devilchild who lead all the way due to his Sat Nav system, and he got us all to Calais safely and in good time. Thanks DC. So then onto the train and homeward bound.

This is just a quick overview of the trip. There will shortly be a gallery page of all the best Germany pictures, and please also read more about the event at the Wheeltrax site. I can't believe its all over; I'm already saving hard for next year! You can read more about it all on the forum, and of course the comments the members have added there about the trip.

So, a return trip to the Nurburgring in 2010 anyone...?

A collection of the best photos from attending members.... The Germany Gallery page

Stop Press - the head sales guy for Lings Honda has just opened a B&B in Lofer, Austria just over the border from the Nurburgring.

The website is under development and will soon be fully operational at http://www.thefarberhaus.com and all CBRF members were invited to check it out as discounts may be available for fully paid members and CBRF groups etc. As its also run by someone associated with Honda expect a warm welcome. I said I would post the details here, and in return he will post a CBRF link on his website.



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